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Navigo sistem d.o.o

Karlovačka cesta 4k
10 000 Zagreb                                                                                 
Tel:  +385 (0)1 2334 033
Fax: +385 (0)1 2334 035

Opening hours:  Mon - Fri from 9:00 to 17:00

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How to send device to service

Please, download from here a document that must be filled and sent together with device when device is sent to us on service:


Service Address:
Navigo Sistem d.o.o.
Karlovačka cesta 4k
10000 Zagreb

Our delivery service is CITY EXPRESS
                                        phone: 0800 303 333

      Packages sent with other delivery services on our cost we
                                          DO NOT ACCEPT

How to report errors on map
If you have noticed some deficiencies on the AdriaROUTE and AdriaTOPO, or you have any corrections, please send them to us via specified e-mail address.

Please write a brief description of the deficiency, and if possible also add a screenshot with an explanation for that location. Also, the correction can be drawn in the MapSource program with tool "route tool” and then you have to save as " *. gdb " file, that you can send it to us.
E-mail address for notifications:

EchoPilot help and support
EchoPilot on its official web site is offering in PDF format:

Garmin help and support
By using tips from the "Manuals" for Garmin GPS devices you can solve most of the problems that can occur. The answer to your problem can be found also under the "Frequently asked questions and answers".
Useful links:

Application for a VHF station license
Forms and payment for the issuance of licenses for VHF

    Garmin VHF 100i
    Garmin VHF 200i
    Garmin VHF 300i

From here you can download:


    -> We do not respond for devices left in service longer than 60 days.
    -> We avouch warranty only if you have the original warranty card and bill
    -> We do not respond for lost data from your device