Nature Park Biokovo


Digital topographic map for Nature Park Biokovo

Croatian Mountain Rescue Service published in 2011 topographic map for Nature Park Biokovo. Map was published with intention for greater safety during residence and hiking in the area of Nature Park Biokovo. Navigo sistem d.o.o. prepared in cooperation with Croatian Mountain Rescue Service digital map version that is appropriate for use with GPS devices. Customers are able to use digital map version free of charge.


Supported GPS devices: all Garmin models supporting Custom Maps (Dakota, Oregon, Colorado, Montana, GPSMAP 62 and GPSMAP 78).

Map installation on GPS:  Connect your Garmin to your computer with a USB cable. In the dialog box that appears, find the drive for your connected handheld device and save Biokovo maps (*.kmz files downloaded from our web site) in the {drive}:\Garmin\CustomMaps directory (you may need to create a new "CustomMaps" directory if this directory does not exist). To enable or disable Biokovo map on GPS select Setup > Map > Map Information, then select the check box for your Custom Map.


Nature Park Biokovo on GPS display

DISCLAIMER: The authors and the publishers: Croatian Mountain Rescue Sevice and Navigo sistem d.o.o. made their best efforts in preparation and production of the map, yet they do not guarantee for any of its contents, wherefore they cannot be held responsible regarding the use of the map or in case of any damage caused by its use.

Digital topographic map for Nature Park Biokovo you can download here.
(After download unzip the file!)