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AdriaROUTE 4.40 NT on CD

Product code: AR001
Retail Price: 91.55 KM

AdriaROUTE map is detailed routable map of SouthEast Europe. AdriaROUTE includes maps of 7 countries: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, FYRO Macedonia and Albania. In AdriaROUTE map there are more then 100 000 searchable points of interest (POI-a) and over 360 000 km of roads. Cartographical details include: urban areas, forests, islands, rivers, railway network, and parks.

AdriaROUTE map will guide you to the street level detail in all included cities, and in many you can use street number (exact address) as your destination. In Croatia and Slovenia all towns (villages included) have street level and house number detail. Database includes settlements: 7324 in Croatia, 6000 in Slovenia and 5800 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 10000 in Serbia, 1200 in Montenegro, 3000 in Kosovo, 2400 in Macedonia and 3000 in Albania. In Serbia 716 towns have street name detail and 654 towns have house numbers. In Bosnia and Herzegovina 119 towns are covered with street names, in Montenegro 15, in Kosovo 9 and in FYRO Macedonia 35 biggest towns are covered with street names. In Albania are 72 towns covered with street names. List od all covered places with street names and house numbers could be found on our web page. Multi-body search is enabled (searching based on a known part in name), as well as full POI search. Descriptions of POIs include additional info such as: classification of point, full address and phone number which can be automatically dialed using the devices witch support Bluetooth connection to your GSM phone. You can choose shortest, fastest or off-road route. Updates are free!

AdriaROUTE map can calculate direct route towards any place in western or eastern Europe (on devices with preloaded City Navigator maps).

Help us to make our map even better. Report errors on map at garmin.hrvatska@garmin.com

Main features:
•    route calculation and auto-routing through 8 countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo)
•    route calculation and auto-routing to and from western European countries
•    guidance to the exact address
•    choice of shortest, fastest or off-road route
•    choice of vehicle for route calculation: car/motor, bike, pedestrian (soon: taxi, bus, truck, ambulance)
•    automatic switching from day-time to night-time map view
•    automatic zooming for turns
•    detailed trip computer
•    possibility of creating the optimal route for goods deliveries
•    possibility of marking points
•    itinerary preparation on the PC and point, route, and track transfer between GPS and PC
•    3D map view and navigation