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AdriaTOPO XL 1.0

Product code: 010-11797-00
Retail Price: 89.55 KM
AdriaTOPO XL is detailed topographic non-routable map of SouthEast Europe for Garmin GPS devices and PC. AdriaTOPO XL includes maps of 8 countries: Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, FYRO Macedonia and Albania. Reference scale is 1:25 000. It is intended mainly for use in handheld units by people whose job or hobby is related with outdoor activities.

AdriaTOPO XL is availible on SD/microSD card. For exploring the map on PC you can use free Garmin´s application BaseCamp. You can download BaseCamp on Garmin web site. Start BaseCamp and insert your SD/microSD card into card reader or connect GPS with inserted SD/microSD card with your PC.

AdriaTOPO XL contains hydrographic data, landuse, national parks and other classified areas. It shows marked hiking trails, roads, mountains, woods and many other data for orientation in open space and nature which will surely help many mountain, bike and nature lovers. Map includes digital elevation model (DEM) which allows you to create vertical terrain profiles. Map also contains bathymetry with defined sea depths and rocks. Availible are more then 300 000 searchable points of interest (POI) in different categories: springs, summits, mountain lodges, restaurants, hotels, gas stations and other. POI search can be made by name (or one of the words from the name), category or point distance from the current location. Map contains complete road network from AdriaROUTE map (360 000 km) with settlements including street names and addresses.

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